Choosing an Anti Fog Spray or Solution

April 14, 2008

If you wear prescribed glasses , eye protection, goggles or a helmet in your activities chances are you may have had problems with visiblity because of fog and moisture.

Besides the obvious of moving from a colder environment to a milder one or vise versa, fogging will most likely be experineced with any activity that causes your body temperature to rise. Heat build up from your face beneath glasses or other types of eye protection can quickly cause fogging.

To prevent the fog and obscured vision problems, anti fog products have been developed and introduced to market. These products are simple to use but most require a process of at least two steps in order to apply. almost all of the current anti fog solutions available do not provide relatively long term solutions to the problems cause by moisture and comdensation.

However, these products are the solution of choice for many people who have to deal with the problems caused by moisture and condensation. Industrial employees, extreme sports enthusiasts, hobbyists and even ordinary people in the course of their daily lives find many wonderful benefits in applying anti-fog spray to the surface of their prescription lenses or safety glasses.

Choosing the right anti fog solution for your particular eyewear and activity is paramount. There are products specifically made for glass while some provide protection only for plastics and some provide adequate protection for both.

While choosing an anti fog product; be sure it is a one that is developed for your type of lens material as making the wrong choice can cause damage to your high end optics. Although most are safe on most lens types there are very few of these products that are safe and effective on specialized lenses like those developed from polycarbonate materials.

How effective the product is, is another major factor. There is a huge difference between the level of protection as well as the length of effectiveness between existing anti fog products. Some will only offer a few hours of hard-hitting protection against fogging before you have to re-apply while others will have a longer duration.

An anti fogs level of protection is basically determined by the temperature range at which it remains effective. With Most of these products their effectiveness is short lived in sub freezing temperatures or extremely warm environments.

One product called Fogtech has seemed to do the impossible. They offer a solution that can be used in just seconds, is totally safe for all glass and plastic lenses including high end polycarbonates. Not only that but they claim it can last up to ten days with only one application in below freezing conditions or extreme heat and still remaining effective.

Considering the many anti fog solutions now available on the market you must be sure to do the research before ultimately choosing a product that can hopefully eliminate your fogging problems once and for all.